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Family Life Merit Badge
Session #3
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May 9, 2011 @ 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm

Sign ups for the class were offered at the Troop meeting on Feb 28th. If you did not have a chance to sign up, but would like to take the class, please contact me at so that I can add you to the class roster.

Our first class will be on Monday, March 28 at 6:30 PM at the Scout House.

Please see the class information below so you know when we will be meeting, what to bring, what is expected of you, and when each of the assignments are due. Please note that the assignments are DUE on the class date they are listed under. There is work to be done before the first class meeting, so be prepared to start work on this badge immediately. This is not a difficult merit badge to earn, but it does require some planning and staying on schedule in order to complete the work.

I look forward to meeting everyone at the first class session. You may contact me anytime with questions, via email or phone, and I’ll do my best to answer them.


Mrs. Shwery
Family Life Merit Badge Counselor

Family Life Merit Badge 2011

Class Meeting Dates: March 28, April 25, May 9
All classes will be held at 6:30 PM @ Scout House

Class Materials:
1. Family Life Merit Badge Pamphlet(purchase at Smiser or borrow from Troop library or fellow scout)
2. Family Life Merit Badge Workbook (available online at A copy will also be emailed as an attachment this week)

Class Expectation:
1. Complete assignments before class,bring them with you to class, and come prepared to discuss those assignments during class (see Class Agenda).
2. Listen during class and participate in class discussions.
3. If you have to miss a class, please contact me to arrange to get your assignments to me.

Class Agenda: March 28
1. Purchase, print or borrow Family Life Merit Badge Pamphlet and Workbook.
2. Read pgs. 1 – 20 in pamphlet
3. Do Requirements 1 and 2.
4. Begin Requirement 3. This is the chore chart that will have to be tracked daily until the end of this merit badge session. We do not have 90 full days, but I will require a minimum of 60 days in order to get a sign off on this requirement, so start by March 1st.

April 25
1. Read pgs. 21 – 43
2. Decide on projects you will be doing for requirements 4 and 5. If you decide on what projects you would like to do for these requirements before this class session, and you would like to begin working on those projects, email me what the project(s) are and I will give you approval via email to proceed.
3. Discuss what family meetings are and why we have them.

May 9
1. Read pgs. 45 – 59
2. Complete Requirement 6 – this includes having planned and carried out a family meeting.
3. Complete Requirements 4 and 5 – these include doing projects, so don’t put off to the last minute.
4. Complete Requirement 7
5. Bring a Blue Card to class in order to be signed off on this merit badge.


May 9, 2011
6:30 pm - 7:30 pm
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